Entry #3

A blast from the past.

2014-04-10 18:48:24 by Yoshii

  I was doing a Throwback Thursday freebie today. The tune today was one I put on here a few years ago. Then I thought I should probably update this. lol

  So I let this profile die from neglect. A lot has happened over the past few years, so here I am updating the page with links and stuff. In the hiatus from Newgrounds, I've started a project called "Lifelink". Musically, this is my main focus. I primarily do Drum & Bass, but also make whatever I want; it's not always D&B. I've released on a few labels mainly on the Euro-Russian side of the globe, but plan on going completely indie from here on.

  I rarily hit this page up. So to know what's going on with me, hit those links I've posted on the side. The four I have listed below are what I update often use- on exception for my bandcamp, but it will be updated once my album goes live.



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