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First Post 6.30.07

2008-06-30 05:30:59 by Yoshii

I haven't posted new tracks in a while, and for that, I apologize. I keep chucking really old projects on here to give an idea of my work, when really, alot of my stuff has upgraded in sound quality and clearity. And with that said, I've been spending countless days working on tracks, cuz I get one idea, work on it forever, then get ADD and find another song I want to work on.

I was supposed to spin @ SugoiCon 2008 with the likes of DJ Ed and Greg Ayres but, I just got word I'm going on deployment, so that obviously won't be happening now :/ although, the good news is that it will be my last one, because I'll be getting out soon, and I'll be able to go home and focus on things that matter to me most, such as my family, and my music.

but you could always go here, gimme a shout on my band page or something
http://www.myspace.com/officialdjyoshi i

Me on the left Spinning @ Cape Verde Isles, Africa in 2006 deployment. My boy on the right is over in Iraq now.

First Post 6.30.07


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2008-06-30 06:37:51

That looks like a totally rad place to drop all sorts of sounds.

Yoshii responds:

This HipHop/Funk DJ (T-Terror -who took the picture) and I took turns each hour at this beach bash on deployment for about 6 hours straight while were in Cape Verde for the last time. It was all of our ship's crew and natives to Cape Verde who were there havin' a good time. I had a blast, it was very much different then throwin' down tracks in a club or party, not as much pressure and the atmosphere of being on the beach was awesome!


2008-08-27 17:29:41

Aw maan! Wish I was in your country. And I would be listening to your music 'till my brains dump me!! ha!

Anyhoo, keep it up with your blastin' music! WE need it for our "needs"!!! ;D

Yoshii responds:

thanks for the love

stay tuned, back from deployment, and I gotta LOT of new raws shit comin' out these speakers




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